ISETS '15 International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2015

Outstanding Presentation Award - Awardees

Pedro Fernandes SantosTohoku University28-2-8.Design, Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Novel Beta-type Mo-added Ti-Mn Alloys for Use in Biomedical Applications
Hiroki NambuNagoya University28-3-1.Diffractive Imaging of a Two-fold Astigmatism of a Magnetic Lens Using Forked Grating Masks
Naoya OzawaNagoya UniversityP-3-13.Synthesis of Inorganic-organic Hybrid Membranes with Phosphonic Acid and Titanium Oxide
Takuya HiroseNagoya UniversityP-3-27.Oxygen Evolution Behavior by Temperature Programmed Reduction Profile of Ceria Based Catalysts
Shota TakagiKanazawa University28-4-11.Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effects of a Newly Developed Wind Concentrator on the Performance of a Cross-flow Wind Turbine
Toshiki ShimizuNagoya UniversityP-4-13.Ash Deposition Reduction and Ash Corrosion Control in Waste Combustion Boiler
Takanori AsaiNagoya University28-5-2.PD Deterioration Characteristics of Power Capacitor Film Exposed by Closed Void Discharge
Shinichi IkeNagoya University28-6-5.X-ray Microdiffraction Characterization of Local Strain Distribution in GeSn/Ge Nanostructures
Ryo IshikawaNagoya UniversityP-7-3.Direct Monitoring of Gaseous Trace Antimony by LIBS
Gian Powell B. MarquezNagoya University28-8-3.Biofuel Production Routes for Seaweed Biomass