Presentation Instruction for Oral Presenters

Oral sessions will be located in IB Building and Building 7 in Higashiyama Campus of Nagoya University.
Nine rooms, Room A to E in the IB Building and Room F to J in the Building 7, will be used for the oral presentations.
Please confirm the session, date and room of your presentation in the Program page.
For each oral presentation, 20 minutes (including discussion) will be available except the Plenary Lectures (60 minutes including discussion) and Keynote Lectures (40 minutes including discussion).

In each presentation room, a computer with Windows XP and PowerPoint 2003 and a LCD projector are prepared.
Before the opening ceremony, Plenary Lectures, or during the breaks, there will be opportunities for all of the oral presenters to upload the presentation data to the computers.
All oral presenters are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this for the smooth running of the symposium.
It is also advised to bring a backup copy of your presentation in CD-R or USB memory.
If you use your own computer, please connect it to the LCD projector during the break before the session.
If you need to use an overhead projector, please let us know in advance by sending an e-mail to before Nov. 1.

This instruction is available in PDF file.

Instruction for Oral Presenters (PDF file)

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Presentation Instruction for Poster Presenters

Poster sessions will be located on Level 1 in the IB building.
To locate your assigned poster board, find the board marked with your paper number.
Please confirm your paper number and session in the Program page.
Posters will be on display during the Display Time each day.
Materials to attach the posters to the poster boards will be provided.
The poster presenters are requested to display the posters by the starting time of the Display Time and to detach them by the end of the Display Time.
The Display time is allocated as follows.

Session Date Display Time Presentation Time
Poster 1 Nov. 23 12:00 - 16:20 12:00 - 14:00
Poster 2 Nov. 24 12:00 - 16:20 12:00 - 14:00
Poster 3 Nov. 25 12:00 - 16:00 12:00 - 14:00

During the Presentation Time, the poster presenters are required to stay in front of the posters for the discussion with the audience.

(a) The maximum poster size is: 1.5 m (height) x 1.0 m (width).
(b) Place the title and paper number of your presentation at the top of your poster to allow the viewers to identify your presentation easily. The authors' names should also be listed.
(c) Use large fonts for good readability at a distance of about 2 m. The minimum font size should be 24.
(d) Highlight the main results and conclusions clearly.
(e) Use large graphics with thick lines and large markers (dots). Please make sure that the axis labels are clearly visible, legible and intelligible.

The best poster presentation prizes will be awarded to the outstanding presenters.
Awarding ceremony will be held in the closing ceremony of the symposium.

This instruction is available in PDF file.

Instruction for Poster Presenters (PDF file)

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